Bass Makes the Walls Shake 

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[spoiler open=”true” spoiler title=”The Beginning…”] Havok Mega started his journey in the realm of Drum and Bass in 1997 after following the careers of legendary Los Angeles DJ’s such as R.A.W. (6Blocc), Deacon who founded Wreckignition and Machete, who maintains the longest running DnB club on the West Coast called “Respect.” Before entering the world of DnB, Havok was rooted in underground punk rock and was played drums for a band called Human Raid. Performing in Hollywood backyard parties with bands like the Casualties was normal by age 16. These experiences heavily influenced his beliefs on vegetarianism, the value of underground culture, and most importantly, what good music sounded like and where it came from. After the discovery of DnB, the transition from one form of adrenalin music to another was natural.

[spoiler title=”Ninja Training”] In 1998, Havok Mega relocated to San Diego where he spent the next decade securing a spot in the cities history books as a DJ, and event producer. He admittedly could not have done it without the help of a few mentors and the scene in San Diego was the perfect proving ground. Havok met up with DJ Uncut, a performer he had seen many times at “Magic Wednesday’s” on Hollywood Blvd at Club World. Uncut had more experience performing at major raves and events than just about anyone in San Diego and was co-producing events with business partners Rehab and DJ Blend under the guise of the Pinwheel Cartel (PWC). While Uncut had a heavy influence on the scratching styles of Havok Mega, it was DJ Blend who had taken Havok under his wing as the newest member of PWC.

Blend was about as critical as one could be while training Havok. DJ battles where not uncommon and with PWC being the oldest crew in San Diego second to the Ruffneck Alliance (run by DJ Quest and MC Tez), the thought could have easily been that PWC would only be as strong as its weakest member. Regardless of the reason for Blends determination the results yielded a polished DJ who was fearless when it came time to throw down the heaviest and darkest DnB the “golden years” had to offer. Uncut and Blend had such a profound impact on Havoks ideology with respect to what makes a good DJ and further more how to train newer heads that where just getting into the music. Thats when Synik appeared. DJ Synik was Havok’s only protege’ and for good cause. After intensive training (and installing some computer chips in Synik’s brain) Synik became a machine. Hell bent on fast paced beats with a laser sharp focus on precision mixing, Synik quickly became recognized as the newest member of PWC and began producing events with the team as well. [/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”Evolution”] Havok and Synik eventually tired of regular DJing and teamed up with a talented scratch DJ named Tenshun and a human DnB beatbox that went under the name Humanoiz. The group would perform on 5 turntables and debuted at an infamous Art vs. Jungle session on April 29, 2006 that took place in an old cracked windsheild repair warehouse. The event and more importantly the performance was huge success. They called their group “Zero Hour” and went on to wreck shop across the South West region. [/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”Politics as usual”] Finally, and perhaps most critically, Havok had one final connection that played a huge role in his success as a DJ and that connection was with a Los Angeles artist going under the name “Spectr.” Spectr is endearingly referred to as Grandpa by many of his close friends as he was present during the birth of Drum and Bass. Spectr created Spectrumega Media which was a company that provided 3D glow-in-the-dark stage design while concurrently developing his “Drumz” line of clothing which gave the scene a clothing brand that they could truly call their own. Havok worked for Spectr as an assitant for many years setting up and tearing down art installations at events such as mega massive raves like Insomniacs “Electric Daisy Carnival” and underground parties hosted by Junglogic, Drum and Bassics, etc. Being at all the major events gave Havok a political advantage to gain access to bookings. Knowing that connections alone would only do so much, Havok set out to make the perfect DJ mix. The day that Konflict‘s “Messiah” tune came out on Renegade Hardware, Havok snatched up his copy and cranked out the mix that very day. The mix entitled “Napalm Spiritual” was the first music release by Drumz Clothing and came out on cassette tape. As a young hustler, Havok was able to sell over 1,000 copies of his first mix thereby solidifying his skills and validity as a DJ. [/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”The Results”] Havok spent the next several years DJing and co-hosting wildly successful events with PWC and Drumz such as Heavy Sound Seminar, Art Vs. Jungle and Havok’s first creation, Focus, a weekly DnB event every Thursday in San Diego. Havok spends most of his days secluded in his studio in Austin, Texas and has been working on a project called Neat Freq which a colaberation with DJ’s Lockjah and Hedlok. His sound now encompasses elements of DubStep, DnB, Punk Rock, Glitch and West Coast Hip Hop, the latter of which is demonstrated by his Beatkillerz project with MC Catfish. It’s hard to know what Havok will do next. The story is unfinished and since moving to Austin, we have only seen tunes being produced. He maintains that he is not done DJing but is,”looking forward to the next evolution in my (his) career.” Havok went on to say,”the next phase isn’t about me. Well, its never been about me but more to the point, the next phase involves a higher level of teamwork, collaboration and communication than ever before.” [/spoiler]

[spoiler title=”The Future”] While no one can be sure of what exactly Havok has in mind for the next phase, what we can be sure about is that he will pour his heart and soul into it. A level of commitment and dedication are at the heart of Havok’s principles and all we can do is eagerly await the next project from Havok and his cyber-punk ninja hit squad…

…in the meantime, scavenge the website for music, videos, photos and links to new projects.[/spoiler]

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Havok Mega is available for public performances solo, and/or with Neat Freq or Beatkillerz. Click the button to go to the booking section and submit your request. A member of Aggressive Management Services will respond with 3 business days.